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All Our Classes are Well Planned by Professional Yoga Instructors

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We offer family sessions or separated classes, while parents enjoy their own practice in the adjacent studio

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Professional Yoga Instructors from around the world

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Finding Flow

Flow is a state of meditation— of mindfulness – that you’re experiencing not while sitting quietly, but while fully and completely absorbed in an activity. “In flow” you’re not conscious of inhibitions, hunger, thirst, fatigue, aches or anything outside of the activity. All worries, thoughts and memories seem to melt away.

The flow state is a perfect description of yoga practice – the infusion of awareness and action. Through yoga, meditation becomes much more than just a technique for the yogi, it becomes a way of life.

What Classes Should I Choose?

Have a look at the age range for our children's classes- and for you as an adult, feel free to read and ask us any questions that might come up. Also, please come and try our voice and breath workshops!


What people say about us
  • We are so happy to see our daughter and son have such a great time at Little Big Yoga! They are excited to come to every class and leave relaxed, relieved and focused, ready to come home to do their homework.

    Jordi Patel
  • The breath work class is my favorite- the teachers are incredibly patient and kind. You feel the results immediately whether it be just sitting in your chair, in a Zoom meeting or speaking to a colleague face to face after work. I highly recommend giving them a try!

    Maria Del Carmen
  • The class set up is ideal- I can drop my little one off at yoga class, while I go to my own yoga class. I couldn’t be happier and neither can my daughter! 

    Katarina Reed

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