What is Yoga for Kids?

Yoga is a fun way for kids to cultivate self-esteem and body awareness. By mimicking animals and shapes in nature kids develop strength, flexibility, coordination and an appreciation for our environment. Classes allow children to imagine and experience the qualities of other beings—the strength of a wise, old tree; the confidence of a lion; the grace of the wind. As kids indulge in imaginative yoga play, they learn to focus, cooperate with peers, and to use their breath to find inner calm – tools important for their daily lives.

The story of this project

Being a kid these days can be tough. There are so many distractions to staying happy, productive and focused. These are also critical years in learning to live in the rapidly changing universe within, THE BODY. As your child braves the waves of growing up, we understand that maneuvering through this important time can be tricky. Your child can use all the help they can get as they start to develop a sense of self, and at the same time try to define who that “self” really is. It is super important that they learn the proper skills to be the best, most courageous, happiest self.


We are here to help: Not only can we help, but we can also make it fun. Using the 5,000 year old foundation of yoga, seasoned with a modern-day twist, we’ll inspire, empower and promote the happiest, healthiest, most shineful beings. Your child will learn the skills of yoga as an effective tool in succeeding, enjoying and really living life. 


Your child will develop physical skills (such as balance), coordination, flexibility and strength to increase confidence and well being, as well as developing coping skills through learning mindfulness and the use of the breath to conquer newfound challenges that accompany growing up. All this is done in the safe, loving and pressure-free environment.


But can you really get kids to do yoga? When people think of adult yoga, they think of quiet and calm and perfect poses. But we’re never asking the children to sit still. So much of school right now is, “You must sit still and listen to what I have to say.” But what we’re saying is, “I want you to move your body, I want you to roar like a lion, I want you to be silly and crazy and loud with me.” And because we’re having fun with them, we get their attention, and it creates a platform for having these conversations that are so desperately needed.


We  support your child to embrace their very own uniqueness and live their best life with a healthy, positive perspective.


Your child will learn to communicate and express themselves creatively in a fun-filled, safe, loving environment. 


Allow them to discover the confidence they need to succeed in life and give them the tools to learn how to be fearless and comfortable with their place in the world.

Lesson Structure


-The Welcome

-Breathing Exercises

-Sun Salutations

-Active Movements

-Yoga Poses

-Yoga Games

-The Yoga Challenge

-Building Community

-Stillness and Savasana